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January 12, 2021
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January 12, 2021

ENG:A marathon that never ends

You may already know, but I have always been named as the bad runner. A prejudice I myself think I made up for this summer when I ran a marathon in just 2 hours, 57 minutes and 36 seconds. But right now, I feel like I'm in the middle of a marathon that never ends. The finish line moves every time I spot it on the horizon. It's a real Corona-marathon.

I think most of us know that feeling. Corona-fatigue. In the spring, the Corona hit, I hurried home from abroad, and we were all a little shocked.  What was the virus? What would happen? Where would it end?

Then it was summer. Everyday life came back. Not quite as we knew it, but to an extent that was understandable. On top of that, the weather was good, there were plenty of training opportunities for me - and I learned to love my training courses even more, even though I missed my races endlessly.

But now, Corona has returned - at full force. We're back at the start. It's a bit like running 41.9 km. after both swimming and cycling to an Ironman, and then being told that the race has been canceled - but you then have the opportunity to start all over again. Who could handle that?

That feeling really hit me over the weekend. I had packed my gear and was ready for the first training camp of the year. With only 270 days to Hawaii, I was about to embark on "my personal marathon" - the prelude to Hawaii. A good start to the year with a training camp abroad can be crucial to the outcome in Hawaii by October. I was sincerely looking forward to high sun, lots of great training conditions and some settings that are in no way reminiscent of my basement at home. But then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs came onto the scene, colored the world red, and now also discouraged all business travel. I could see the goal - I could almost see the plane I was going on, but again the dream was canceled.

However, I was in no doubt. Community mindset are nice words, it is also the right word in this context. Because if I want us to be able to travel, train and not least race together again, then I also have to bite my teeth together - again. I now go back to the basement in the morning, get up and eat breakfast, and go to the basement again to work out. It's probably the same drum beat you walk around in, but it's necessary. So that we - hopefully soon - can cross the Corona finish line for the last time.

More than ever before: Keep Smiling (we all need that right now!)


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